Letting Go Of Fear

By Beatrice Right

Unless you are some God who has been delivered from the heavens above, you have fears. It doesn’t matter how tough you consider yourself to be, as long as there is blood rushing through your veins you will have them. They are all a part of our awareness, and it would be difficult to measure just how far we’ve come without them.

I’ve had my fair share of fears, especially while on my journey to financial freedom. When you make the decision to take back control of your finances the “what-if” scenarios start to play out in your mind like the lyrics of that catchy song you despise. I am a single mother of soon-to-be two small children, and it’s not always easy to find courage in myself.

What if I lose my job? What if I have an unexpected expense? What if I’m not good enough?

All questions we like to ask ourselves but secretly pray we don’t have to answer them.

Sure, it’s a walk in the park to sit behind a keyboard and say “let go of your fears”…so I won’t. Those joy snatchers may have been around so long that they’ve somehow become a comfort to you. They cradle you with familiarity, and to let them go in a place full of uncertainty would be like jumping off the Grand Canyon to your doom.  


Yes, you read that right. Chance + fear =tranquility. Crazy huh?

Your doom may turn out to be the most exhilarating and rewarding moment of your life.  I’ve realized that it’s nearly impossible to hold onto stagnancy in a world that is always changing. The seasons change and we complain about it. The structures change and we get upset about it, but the Earth still rotates. It still goes on about its planet-like duties despite the chaos within its structure, just as we are able to carry on despite the doubts in our minds that we let hinder us.

Next time you are on the edge of that cliff just close your eyes real tight and walk forward. We can even hold hands on the way down.

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